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Where can I check my Order Status?

  • Once your order is complete, you will receive a confirmation email stating that the order is being prepared for shipping. You will receive another email, including your tracking code, when your package is shipped. 
  • Also you can reach us by contact@fragrance.one

What are the Shipping Times?

  • We try to ship the same or next day after the order. We only use premium carriers, and our shipping times range from usually 3-5 days. 

Where do You ship?

  • Currently, we are shipping to the USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and the EUROPEAN UNION
    Due to high import duties and delivery costs, we have decided to reduce our shipping to these areas.
  • FOR MIDDLE EAST: goldenscent.com

Do the Batches Differ in Recipe or Ingredients?

  • No, our formulations and ingredients have not changed between batches. What differs is the filing date and sometimes, e.g. if we order a batch of new oil, a particular ingredient that can have small seasonal differences. Just like a good wine, because we have many natural ingredients here and there there can be minor differences in smell. 

How Long does the fragrance last?

  • Besides a high compliment-factor, longevity is our highest priority. A minimum of 8 hours is what you get with our fragrances, a full work day, or a long evening out. However, our customers consistently report that our fragrances last 24 or more hours after application.

Are your fragrances EDP or EDT?

  • All Fragrances are at least, EDP, in fact, besides OFFICE for Men, all our Fragrances are EXTRAIT de Parfum, they range from 20 - 30% Concentration with no budget limitation on the ingredients.

How do You apply Fragrances?

  • 2 behind each ear
  • 2 Sprays each on your front collar 
  • 1 Spray on the back of your neck


How Do I store my Fragrances

  • It's best to store your fragrances in a place that is cool and dark. If your fragrance comes with a cap, use it. 
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