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Jeremy Fragrance meets Erwin Creed. Office for Men vs. Creed Aventus

Article: Creed vs. Fragrance One

Creed vs. Fragrance One

Since 1760, the House of Creed has maintained its esteemed reputation as a niche fragrance brand. With each new fragrance release, comparisons to Creed Aventus are inevitable.

Jeremy Fragrance meets Erwin Creed to address the question on everyone's lips in the fragrance industry - is Office another scent reminiscent of Creed Aventus?

Click play to find out what's the final verdict.



Jeremy Fragrance

JEREMY! These foul comments that are going uncensored really give potential buyers the impression that your company is very unprofessional. For your own sake & that of your business please see to it that such disgusting discourse is removed!!!!

📍Please monitor your website! Children under the age of 18 who are interested in knowing more about your products should certainly NOT be exposed to this FILTH!!!


How do I go about getting samples?


Hi jeremy big fan here kep it up your doing great


I didn’t like you. Must’ve been jealousy. I do now. Here’s what I took away from this

You went to spray your Parfum and he ran to get a test strip, not wanting any other scent than Creed on him out of respect for his family, brand etc…or..he knew that it would mix with other scents.. I believe the answer is both. And I don’t blame him for that thinking

But at the end..he TOOK the be disposed of? To keep smelling? To copy? To take notes?

I would like to know these answers. To not be rude and just leave it? Who knows…

The fact you’re even meeting this guy is awesome.

Trës Newõ

Honestly congratulations Jeremy, my brother owns office for men edp, and it’s truly amazing it lasts long, it has a good silage, and mostly wearable for any occasions, 9/10, and congrats for making mr Creed liking it.


Whoever these DISGUSTING maggots are leaving comments like this on anyone’s page that has worked more hours in one day than you all have in a lifetime, who isn’t living in their mommy’s basement, needs some serious therapy. Jealous much are you all? You are sick degenerates that clearly have nothing but penises on your mind and need to get together for real!! I’ve never read such disgusting, immature comments like these in my life!! As for your approval from Alex Creed Jeremy, that is friggin amazing!! You knew where to go to get the best approval!! Great job!!


Amazing, one of a kind.


Omg! These comments are getting juicy. I just came here to learn the difference between batch #1 -#3 on “Office” and see about scoring a discount on what could very well be my next go to fragrance but my oh my. 😅 I have never had the pleasure to smelled any of these and I am hoping for samples sizes if possible of batch #1,#2,&#3 “Office” as well as “Date” and “Black Tie” it would trulybe much appreciated.


Gay Power Baby! 😆


This is great. Very cool to see this meeting.


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This is for Cody



stfu jacob Jeremy is an international treasure and is better than you in every way

jacobs father

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jacob ball

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