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Article: The Birth Of Fragrance.One

The Birth Of Fragrance.One

Jeremy Fragrance had a dream to create one perfect fragrance for any occasion. He wanted each fragrance to be made with no compromises and no budget limitations.


Jeremy partnered with the master perfumer Alberto Morillas and they crafted the first few bottler of OFFICE For Men.


Jeremy still needed to raise funding to bring Fragrance One to live. But he didn't want it to become another corporate brand, so Jeremy launched a kickstarter campaign and it became the biggest and most successful fragrance crowdfunding campaign in history, loved and supported by thousands of people. That was the birth of Fragrance One.


Enjoy this amazing video and don't forget to comment.


Check out the original Kickstarter campaign page to immerse yourself in this incredible and captivating story of success against all odds. Learn More



I would like to try your fragrances but I do not know their scent quartets? For a man, I am looking for fresh, ocean, woody with some citrus. I like YSL cologne blue, I believe. For a woman, I am looking for sweet, summer evening, floral with vanilla or cream. Which two fragrances of Fragrance One best fit these descriptions? Office and Night? Office and Day? Date and Day? Please let me know. Thank you

Jeremy Poff

Hi Jeremy,

I hope all is well with you?

I would like to thank you for all your videos that you make to help us choose the perfect scents.

I would like also to ask you, how much do you know about Jesus?

Like do you know his heritage? Do you know he is an Arab from Palastine?

Is Jesus God or the son of God?

And if Jesus died on the cross and people say he is God, doesn’t that mean God is dead?

Apologies, but I need some clarifications if you can help me understand it.

Thank you 😊


What about women’s or Uniex.


Good day, I’m so Picky with Fragrances. I would like to try a sample. Please if it’s available send me a link.
Regards and nest wishes,


Fragrance for men and women.


Fragrance for men and women.


I read Jeremy Fragrance trys to answer his emails within 24 hours. Like himself I am also a follower of Jesus before everything. I would be very grateful if you Jeremy can leave me a message how to contact you I am a regular person I don’t want you to endorse nothing I just need to talk to you one on one in Jesus name God bless you always


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Alberto Morillas

The Master Perfumer

The making of Office For Men. Jeremy Fragrance x Alberto Morrilas.

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